Article title: Facilitating Communities in Designing and Using Their Own Community Health Impact Assessment Tool (Reference: EIR5653) in the Journal title: Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2010 ( jointly with Ms. Colleen Cameroon & Ms. Susan Eaton.

Article titled "Empowering Communities" on theme of community health impact assessment (jointly written with Colleen Cameroon) published in "Health Action –August 2005 Issue".

Article titled "Women beedi workers and Occupational Health Hazards" published in Women’s Link - Vol 16, No. 1 January – March 2010



Presentation of Paper on 'Experiences of women from socially marginalized groups during institutional delivery in 6 states of India' at Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 at New Delhi, India.

Poster Presentation: Integrating Infection Prevention / Management & Health Care Safety Promotion as key element for Improving Quality of Maternal Care at Primary health Centre, West Bengal, India during Global Maternal Health Conference 2013 at Tanzania.

Poster Presentation: Empowering Adolescent Girls to change Gender norms to prevent child marriage and adolescent pregnancy in Murshidabad district, West Bengal, India during Global Maternal Newborn Health Conference 18-21 October, 2015 at Mexico.